Finally, A True Funded Proposal

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Hello and thanks for visiting my blog. my name is Kyle Paterson and I am from Mercerville, New Jersey. I have been in the industry for 22. I want to take this entry to explain something very important: the funded proposal system. This is an integral building block of The SpiderWeb Marketing System, yet few people truly understand it. For my entry, I want to take an explanation written by the founder and inventor of The SpiderWeb Marketing System, and insert it into my blog. Hopefully it will bring you increased understanding, as it has to me. It’s a little long, but stick with it, as it will explain things very well.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is a Revolutionary new Funded Proposal MLM Prospecting system which was developed by Kimball Roundy. It is designed to help Network Marketers in their business building efforts. The System Maximizes the power and reach of the Internet to bring targeted Network Marketing Prospects right to your door who are eager to get signed up with you, and instead of paying to generate or buy these leads, they end up PAYING YOU to become leads. In essence, instead of chasing people for your business, they start chasing and paying you to be considered as a prospect to join you. It is a pretty sweet concept and it works like a charm! IF you have the time to learn it and implement the system. What do you mean by “a Funded Proposal Prospecting System?” The basic (very simplified) idea behind a “Funded Proposal” prospecting system is this:

You use a website or system (as an “affiliate” usually with a specific affiliate referral tracking link) that is set up to generate MLM Targeted Leads by advertising “help” and or “training” that will help the person seeking the help (the LEAD) with generating leads for their primary business.

For example, you find someone searching Google or Yahoo who is looking for “MLM Leads” or “Network Marketing Leads” and show an ad to them that says essentially:

“Quit Wasting Your Time and Money on MLM Leads! Let Me Show you how to Generate your own, and get Paid by Each one of Them Whether or not They Join Your Business!”

If you were spending hundreds of dollars and hours and hours (maybe you are, if so, pay attention) buying and then contacting hundreds of leads, wouldn’t the above idea appeal to you?

So, with this system you are advertising help or training, and in exchange for a free newsletter or basic e-book they give you their contact information (LEAD). This newsletter will usually tell them “WHAT” to do but not show them “HOW” to do it. Then, through reading the free newsletters or e-books or watching the free videos etc they are introduced to some product that they can buy (usually the Full details and step by step training on HOW to do what they just told you to do) and if the person who signed up for the info decides to purchase the product then you as the affiliate who referred them will make a commission. So, essentially what will happen is you, will be looking for a way to grow your business, you will find one of these sites and sign up for the free info (You are someone else’s lead) then you decide you want to get the whole story, buy the product (book, e-book etc.) and the person who referred you makes $20 or $50 or whatever the commission amount for the book sale is.

So, that is how a Funded Proposal is designed to work.

You sign up
Then you Set up the system by following the videos

The system manages all your Marketing for you
You get leads

You generate up to 12 streams of Passive Residual Income before/without ever talking to a single prospect or spending a DIME

You contact and build a relationship with your new, unique to you, real-time Network Marketing Targeted leads
Your business grows bigger, faster than with any other system, period.
Oh, and it is 100% FREE!

With the innovative 12 streams of income that they will generate for you before any product, service book or company is sold, it is THE FIRST TRUE “FUNDED PROPOSAL” where you get paid for your marketing before the lead has ever been contacted by anyone or sold anything!

I know, I have not explained that part, you are just going to have to head over and check it out to find out exactly how it works. Check it all out at


The SpiderWeb Marketing System Does the Work for You

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As, I’ve learned, there are many different systems out there designed to help you develop your small business. Personally, I researched . All are built on promises of what they can do and how they will bring you new leads and more money and that big MLM mansion you’ve always dreamed of.

You may have heard claims like this: “You too can become the next big thing in multi-level marketing, and your home business will explode! (Through this system of 17 videos and three E-books and two training courses.)”

Or maybe one like this: “You too can become a network-marketing guru and leads will flock to you! (After spending countless hours trying to understand, retain, and apply techniques that have taken the author years to develop.)”

The thing that they all have in common is that they will only teach you what you need to know. From there you are on your own. It is up to you to actually make the success happen. It is up to you to spend hours watching the videos, reading the books, and putting in all of the tedious legwork. And for many of us, the time just isn’t there. We already have full-time jobs, families, and other responsibilities that require our time. We have lives. Devoting hours of study to some guy’s Internet marketing book just isn’t realistic.

What’s missing is a system that does the work for you: an Internet Marketing/Advertising Agency – a system that will help you develop MLM success by doing the work for you. That’s the beauty of The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It truly works for you like an advertising agency.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System does something for you that no other system will do: it actually DOES something. Rather than trying to teach you or train you, The SpiderWeb Marketing System uses a complex system of Internet advertising strategies to advertise you and your business to thousands of interested entrepreneurs. It is extremely simple on your side. You follow the simple, step-by-step video tutorial process, the System does the work, and the leads come to you. It’s the easiest way to bring success to your small business.

When you visit the site and sign up for the SpiderWeb System, and follow the simple process to set it all up, the system goes to work for you. Using a streamlined advertising process built around Google adwords and search engine optimization, and other innovative marketing strategies will be used to promote your small business. That’s only the beginning of a process that took years of experience to fully develop.

That’s only a small part of The SpiderWeb Marketing System’s appeal. It is built on what is called a funded proposal, which means that once you sign up, its guaranteed to pay for itself. Not only does it pay for itself, it perpetuates itself to continue to market you and your business through thousands of interested leads. Only interested leads contact you and the frustrating work of tracking down leads ends.

This was such a relief to me because I worked so hard to find leads, often in vain. .

There are other systems out there that make similar claims to help you increase your network and promote your business. Only a few processes actually come close to being as effective as the SpiderWeb System, but absolutely none do the work for you.

Since joining The SpiderWeb Marketing System, I’ve had so much more success at just about everything in my business.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System works for you by harnessing the power of the Internet and growing your business in the most efficient way possible. Less work and more success come from greater efficiency. The SpiderWeb Marketing System is the most efficient way to develop your business.

(For more information visit

Spider Web Marketing Maximizes the Reverse Funnel System

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Spider Web Marketing Maximizes the Reverse Funnel System

Member: Kyle Paterson
Years in Industry: 22
Location: Mercerville, New Jersey

I’ve heard a lot about the Reverse Funnel System lately. It looks like a good program. Here’s what I think about it.

You may have been attracted to Ty Coughlin’s guaranteed money-making machine, the Reverse Funnel System. Seeing the picture of him lounging around in his swim trunks at his Hawaiian beach house may have sold you on the dream. Or maybe it was the testimonial of Kursten with his bright yellow Lambourghini, or Doug with his private plane. Either way, the idea of guaranteed six figures sounds appealing to anyone, beach house, Lambi, or jet aside. Money talks.

So you’re in. You’ve paid the start-up fees and gotten good advice. You’ve got the ambition. You’ve got the direction. You’ve got the fail proof system.
You’ve also got a problem. Where is your money coming from? Multiple streams of income sound great, but these aren’t the kind of streams that spring up spontaneously from the earth. These kind of streams spring from someone else’s wallet. And that’s all cool, business is business, but its got to come from somewhere.
This is where many home business entrepreneurs run into a tough spot. All the family has been bugged. All the friends badgered. The lead lists have been bought and scavenged. The cottage meetings have been held with marginal results at best. The fliers have been hung up, rained on, ripped off, and are now being gently blown down the street, only to soon end up in someone’s trash pile.
You’re in a common spot. You’ve got a great product and all the enthusiasm in the world to make you wildly rich. You just need someone to start writing your checks. That is where The Spider Web Marketing System comes in as a perfect complement to maximize your venture in the Reverse Funnel System or any other Internet business. In economic terms, these are complementary services, not substitutes.
The Spider Web Marketing System is not designed to compete with your business. Its designed to enhance it. They’re not trying to convince you to sell their cancer-curing tropical fruit juice or travel package. The product behind the Spider Web Marketing System is… the Spider Web Marketing System!
The product is a streamlined Internet marketing program created to bring in interested, quality leads and revenue with no additional effort on your part. Its based on what is called a funded proposal system, which uses the original funds to continue to perpetuate the leads and income that it generates. Developed by a team with years of Internet Marketing experience, the Spider Web Marketing System perfects the Google Adword program to maximize its efficiency in directing leads to you. With only a small investment, (anything less than $50) the funded proposal system continually generates interested leads and builds your network, building upon itself and continually growing larger.
The interested leads are not just people who have accidentally stumbled across your website, either. These are people that actually sought out a chance to specifically become involved in your entrepreneurial business venture. They need you, and you need them. The Spider Web Marketing System is just the vehicle to bring everyone together.
No matter what your business venture is, you need leads. You may have the best product in the best system ever invented in the free market economy, but you still need someone to buy it. The Spider Web Marketing System will bring leads to you. It’s the perfect way to maximize your success in the Reverse Funnel System or any other business venture.